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Primera autopista del món amb xarxa de VoIP sobre WiFi

A Open Spectrum International ha aparegut la següent notícia:

“the world’s first highway Wi-Fi mobile voice network has been successfully tested on a US interstate highway [near the Mexican border]… Wi-VOD deployed it using a Department of Homeland Security grant… Wi-VOD claims it was able to make multi-party VoIP conference calls at speeds in excess of 130 kilometres per hour (80mph) sustained over the entire network… the network is for public safety personnel (police, fire, ambulance and border partrol) first, with various community agencies, schools, business and local residents being added as the deployment expands beyond its targeted coverage areas… The network will be expanded to cover 32 continuous miles (54 km) of highway and is scheduled for completion before May of this year…”

La font original és de Muniwireless.

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